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Topic: Using binary release on OSX Lion gives "no decode delegate"
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Re: Using binary release on OSX Lion gives "no decode delega

I had the same problem, but now the packaged binary work fine. Now I need to had PerlMagick but it seems needed dynamic libraries. I tried also to create a static perl version but I obtain the error message: bin/sh: -fopenmp: command not found Is it possible to have PerlMagick on Lion? (not for CGI ...
by regisr
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Topic: PerlMagick and Mac 10.7 Lion FormatLocaleString
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PerlMagick and Mac 10.7 Lion FormatLocaleString

I have now installed the 6.7.4 from the source and I have other trouble but no library errors. Regis Hello! I have installed ImageMagick from the binary package. I have compiled and installed Perlmagick for the same release 6.7.3 but when running there is an error: dyld: Symbol not found: _FormatLoc...
by regisr
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Topic: Perlmagick and Exif
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Perlmagick and Exif

Hi, I wrote a simple perl script to change size, add frame and author on a photo. I use AutoOrient() to rotate it if needed but the exif tag is not updated. For now I use jhead to make a new exif header but is it possible to put the correct value for orientation with perlmagic? (On Freebsd I used jp...