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Topic: Issues with perlMagick
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Re: Issues with perlMagick

PerlMagick, at least when installed from CPAN, appears to be Q16 only. If you're running Q8 it's going to look for MagickCore-Q16, which doesn't exist. Try installing the Q16 version and running everything again - it's the only way I could get PerlMagick working on my server. Also see http://www.ima...
by wwwebsurfer
Forum: PerlMagick
Topic: PM Distort Problem
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PM Distort Problem

I'm trying create a simple 'zoom' effect by putting out a series of images from PerlMagick. I am currently using the -distort equivalent because using resize gets me the 'jitters' as it crunches numbers and decides to shift things over a pixel or two. -distort gives me a nice smooth zoom, but with p...
by wwwebsurfer
Forum: Developers
Topic: Image Sequence Processing
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Image Sequence Processing

I'm working on generating short videos from still images (kind of a powerpoint to video equivalent converter.) It's working nicely, but it's just dog dirt slow. By the time you generate 30 frames for a second of video and you try to feed in 50 slides at 10 seconds each it takes a long time to proces...