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by 9tontruck
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Topic: color of new image is not right
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color of new image is not right

Here is my code: ColorRGB d;;;; d.alpha(0); Image image(Geometry(width, height), d); image.write("01.jpg"); The written image is not correct.. in case of "#define MAGICKCORE_QUANTUM_DEPTH 8" output image is (rgb = 0,1,47) which does not make sense. in case of ...
by 9tontruck
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Topic: Newbie questions.. please help!!
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Newbie questions.. please help!!

Hi guys I am working on color tone shifting so playing with ICC/ICM profile. I have a ICM file and I need to embed it to a JPG file. Below is my code: #include "Magick++.h" using namespace Magick; char* img_name = "samsung.jpg"; char* icm_name = "Samsung_to_Cannon.icm"; Image image;