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by xtang
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Topic: How to enable EncoderThreadSupport?
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How to enable EncoderThreadSupport?

I found my image-magick do not support EncoderThreadSupport.

Is there a way to enable it?

by xtang
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Topic: Problem with MagickCore::GetBlobSize
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Problem with MagickCore::GetBlobSize

hi, I want to get the data pointer of Magick::Image.
Here is a way:

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Blob blob;
void* data =;
But Magick::Image.write(Blob&) have to alloc a new memory to keep the data. How can I get the data pointer of Magick:Image directly?

by xtang
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Topic: How to access Image raw data
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How to access Image raw data

hi, I did some transformation of image through Magick++, and at last I want to get the raw data of the processed image, which way is best practise? For example, Blob blob(src, lenOfSrc); Image image(blob); image.resize(targetGeo); ... // for now, i use the following logic to get the raw data: Blob t...