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by kian
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Topic: policy.xml and Apache/mod_php
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policy.xml and Apache/mod_php

Hello, I've seen that the suggested workaround for the recent holes in ImageMagick is to set up a policy.xml as described in the announcement. To verify, users are instructed to use convert(1) on the CLI. Does this policy configuration apply to php5-imagick (PHP ImageMagick extension) as well? My sp...
by kian
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Topic: ImageMagick Security Issue
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Re: ImageMagick Security Issue

Thanks for this write-up and the incoming fix.

Does this configuration file also apply to imagick (php5-imagick)? I am able to verify the policy takes effect using convert(1) on the command-line, but don't see any difference in phpinfo(), nor is there any "policy" section listed there.