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by hackerb9
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Topic: Basis Universal support
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Basis Universal support

Now that Basis Universal ¹ has been open-sourced , I'm hoping we'll see support for the format in ImageMagick. What are the chances? By the way, I'm not wishing for ImageMagick to support the OpenGL or GPU parts of Basis, just the file format. ____ Footnote 1: For people who don't know about Basis a...
by hackerb9
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Topic: When did floodfill syntax change?
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When did floodfill syntax change?

A while ago I wrote a script, mktrans , that gives any image antialiased transparency using a floodfill. I was testing it on the development version of Ubuntu (Cosmic Cuttlefish) and was surprised it no longer works because the floodfill syntax has changed. The version of ImageMagick that comes with...