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by Bonzo
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Topic: 1st script help: creating/saving thumbs on shared host
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I would try something simpler first bluecrisis without using user input and see if it works then build that into your code. I have also seen that you probably need the path to ImageMagick in the line: exec("convert -size 500x180" . $_FILES['imgfile']['tmp_name'] ." -thumbnail 250x90 ".$_FILES['imgfi...
by Bonzo
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Topic: Another text watermark question
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Another text watermark question

Hello I used ImageMagick about 3-4 years ago but stopped when my host introduced Safe mode. I really want to start using it again and have found that although the server is still in Safe Mode something must have changed as I can now use ImageMagick again ! I want to do to things - on upload create a...