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Problem with a convert

Posted: 2008-05-18T09:36:07-07:00
by troyd1
I have this convert. There is a slight problem with the syntax. It actually works, but it gives me the error: convert: no such image `@c:\temp\graphics\3_T_3.TXT'.

Here is the convert:
convert -fill black -pointsize 12 -font "c:\pcshare\pcgraphics\itweb\fonts\ARIAL.TTF" -size 1000 -gravity west -background #00000000 caption:@c:\temp\graphics\3_T_3.TXT +swap -gravity east -chop 770x0 c:\temp\graphics\X7999_43714.png +swap -gravity northwest -geometry +123+117 -composite c:\temp\graphics\X7999_43714.png

What am I doing wrong or how can I rewrite this better?

What I am doing is trying to fill a text field with periods so I created a text file with the text I want to caption with a binch of periods after it. I am creating it 1000 wide and then chopping it. I am then compositing it with the graphic that I am calling out.

Thanks, Troy

Re: Problem with a convert

Posted: 2008-05-20T13:07:13-07:00
by troyd1
Any suggestions from the experts?

Re: Problem with a convert

Posted: 2008-06-03T20:02:14-07:00
by anthony
Look at

and try breaking up your command into smaller steps to ensure each step is doing what you expect.

You can insert -info to output image size info
and -write x: to display what images are in the current image sequence at that point in your command.

These two methods is the key to debugging a complex compound IM command.

Re: Problem with a convert

Posted: 2008-06-04T08:46:09-07:00
by el_supremo
I think the problem is the first +swap
At that point in the command line there is only one image so the swap can't do anything.
I tested it and I get the same kind of error.
Remove the first +swap and try again.

Perhaps swap could give a better error message when there's only one image?


Re: Problem with a convert

Posted: 2008-06-16T17:30:32-07:00
by troyd1
I believe that I figured it out. I had quotes around the caption file after the @ sign. I took them out and the error went away.


Re: Problem with a convert

Posted: 2008-07-07T11:34:05-07:00
by mro7805
I'm new to using IM and I am using it for a project i am working on.. and every i try to convert my pdf into a jpg it rotates it... does anyone know why that is happening? I dont want the files to rotate.. i want them to just convert as they are into a jpg.

"convert -quiet -quality 100 -density 96 -resize 950x ".$_FILES['image']['tmp_name']." /tmp/".$tmp_file.".jpg";

it rotates the image.. i dont know if it has something to do with it being landscape or what? but if i put

"convert -rotate '90<' -quiet -quality 100 -density 96 -resize 950x ".$_FILES['image']['tmp_name']." /tmp/".$tmp_file.".jpg";
its doesnt rotate it but when you upload non-landscape items it rotates it..