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Timing control of pagecurl

Posted: 2011-08-16T22:14:15-07:00
by xpt
Animation script courtesy of Anthony Thyssen that I modified slightly.

I'm trying to make use of Fred's pagecurl, ... /index.php

I'm wondering, how do I do timing control? I want the "cover" to stay relatively long (say 3 seconds) and "quickly" (say 1 second) peel & reveal the underneath image. How can I tweak the timing?

BTW Fred, please also change the sample code to reflect the fact that,
-draw 'image DstOver 0,0 0,0 "zelda1.jpg"'
can be replace by the more modern multi-image layers composition

Re: Background Image For Page Curl

Posted: 2011-08-17T10:10:25-07:00
by fmw42
change the delay 100 to a larger number. It is already delayed longer than the other frames.