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Free "ImageMagick Tester" app

Posted: 2012-07-22T02:33:40-07:00
by JoaCHIP
We all know how tedious is can be to deal with long paths on the command line, and having to switch between typing in stuff, then launching a viewer to see the resulting output. So if you need to quickly figure out some adequate command line parameters, here's a little tool I just wrote, that you might find useful:

ImageMagickTester.exe ... Requires .NET 3.5

Simply load an image, enter some ImageMagick parameters, and press enter to see the result.

Re: Free "ImageMagick Tester" app

Posted: 2012-07-22T02:42:53-07:00
by Bonzo
The instructions are a bit sparce and I was presented with a window with two boxes. I posted the path to a photo into the top box and pressed enter and all I had was an error "convert.exe: no decode delegate ............."

I tried adding some options and get error "convert.exe: no decode delegate ............. error/constitute.c/ReadImage/533"

I have .NET 3.5 SP1 and ImageMagick-6.7.6-Q16 installed.

Re: Usage

Posted: 2012-07-22T03:49:14-07:00
by JoaCHIP
Fair enough, here's a quick guide:

1) Choose File / Open and load an image
2) Type this text string into the text area: -level 30,60%
3) Press Enter. The image should now change, and get more contrast.

Other text strings give other results. I've added a few examples here.

Re: Free "ImageMagick Tester" app

Posted: 2012-07-22T05:04:16-07:00
by Bonzo
Thanks for the extra instructions - now why did I not even click on Menu?

I can honistly say I did not even see it until this time !!!