building imageMagick from source as universal binary...

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building imageMagick from source as universal binary...

Post by mr.t »

Hey Guys,

I am trying to build a standalone version of image Magick in order to attach it to my application.
As I need the LCMS lib it seems like the only solution is to build standalones myself.

but wierdly i get erros when i try

./configure --enable-delegate-build --disable-shared --disable-dependency-tracking --enable-osx-universal-binary --prefix=/ImageMagick

which only happens when -osx-universal-binary - is enabled. if not in it configures smooth.
I am on a mac, lion.

any ideas. the interweb doesnt seem to know this problem.
any other idea how to ship image magick nicely (like for windows) with lcms support on a mac so that the enduser doesn't have to worry about libpaths is also very welcome!
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