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A PNG image with transparent background
After colorize, image getting converted in to "index layer" that will not be edited, even in the photoshop
when colorized image open in photoshop it will seen in index layer.
the drawback is that when these image open in illustrator it shows with whole colored only a rectangular box.

that problem created after 6.7 version, in the previous versions there is no such problem was there.

i m using the 2 different command but getting same response .

exec('/usr/local/bin/convert img.png -fill red -colorize 50% color1.png'); /// it make the full colored background also, even background is transparent

exec('/usr/local/bin/convert img.png -alpha off -fill "rgb(255,194,81)" -colorize 100% -alpha on color3.png'); //////////not working.
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