Does MagickWand disable embed color profile?

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Does MagickWand disable embed color profile?

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Hi All.

Sorry for my bad English.

I'm writing simple tiff to jpeg convertor using MagicWand. Some of this tiff images have embed AdobeRGB color profile. How can I convert images with applying this color profile? I'm trying to use this code but input and output images are not similar:

Code: Select all

MagickReadImage(wand, strdup([path UTF8String]));

size_t profileLength = 0;
unsigned char* profile = MagickGetImageProfile(wand, "icc", &profileLength);

MagickSetImageFormat(wand, "jpeg");
MagickSetImageCompression(wand, JPEGCompression);
MagickSetImageCompressionQuality(wand, 80);

MagickSetImageProfile(wand, "icc", profile, profileLength);
MagickProfileImage(wand, "icc", profile, profileLength);

MagickWriteImage(wand, strdup([writePath UTF8String]));
Thanks a lot!
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