Postscript delegate failed with jmagic

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Postscript delegate failed with jmagic

Post by dyou »

Hi, Anyone know hot imagemagick find the postscript? we are able to convert a pdf file use command line "convert". However, when we run it in jmagic, it complains about:

java -Djava.library.path=/image/lib -cp .:jmagick-6.6.2.jar Test
Exception in thread "Main Thread" magick.MagickApiException: Postscript delegate failed `/tmp/test.pdf': No such file or directory @ pdf.c/ReadPDFImage/611
at magick.MagickImage.readImage(Native Method)
at magick.MagickImage.<init>(
at Test.main(

This is on a linux box, and we have tried to create a softlink to the "gs" command at current directory, but no help.

Any idea?

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