Building Imagick on BusyBox WD TV Live

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Building Imagick on BusyBox WD TV Live

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I have been using the Imagick command line tools available on the custom firmware of the WD TV Live media player for a couple of years now.
The version they state they are is 6.6.1-4 2010-06-14 Q16

I want to generate my own binary version using Q8 as the WD Tv Live has very limited memory and the application I have created to generate your own movie sheets can take a long time to run so I am trying to stream-line the Imagick tools as much as possible.

I continue to get the following error: magick/.libs/ file not recognized: File format not recognized during the "make" process.
I have tried to build the latest 6.8.6-9 and the older 6.6.1-10 using various default ./configure along with various other ./configure combinations which all appear to work fine, but always fail during the "make" process with the above error.

Any suggestions on why this is failing would be very much appreciated!
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