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mogrify? convert? or something else?

Posted: 2017-07-30T07:45:25-07:00
by deepfrogphoto
hello if anyone want to help with this it would be great. the below command is working

mogrify -verbose -path /cygdrive/L/temp/og-rotate-logo -format jpg -draw 'image over 0,0 0,0 "/cygdrive/L/temp/logo.png"' -gravity southeast *.jpg -path /cygdrive/L/temp/1200px -adaptive-resize 1200x1200 *.jpg

however it seems a little ugly in that it first makes all the logo images and then works on all the resizing of those images.

my question is there a better or faster way to do this? i'm working with thousands of photos at a time.

any help is much appreciated

also fyi i'm running windows 7 with cygwin and imagemagick v6.7.6