Recursive Convert with ImageMagick and Powershell

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Recursive Convert with ImageMagick and Powershell

Post by jpeni »

I had a large collection of EPS images in several folders that I had to convert to PNG. I tested many Image Conversion programs, but most could not handle recursive conversion of Vector to Raster without choking (most displayed errors after processing a limited number of files. Some could not convert recursively through many subfolders). I finally discovered the following Powershell script that solved my problem and made recursive conversion of many files and folders simple. You can modify the file to perform any ImageMagick functions you need. Have Fun.

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# Powershell script to recursively convert image formats
# Configuration
$srcfolder = "C:\test\Animals"
$destfolder = "C:\test\Animals"
#This ps1 file will add copy files to designated folder
#Do NOT use Mogrify or the original images will be deleted
$im_convert_exe = "convert.exe -density 300"
# with VECTOR files the density setting should come BEFORE the vector format
# is specified or the image will be blurry.
# for example - for vector files place -density option immediately after the convert.exe
# command in the im_convert_exe definition.  This way it will be set before any 
# vector format is specified.
# change src_filter to the format of the source files
$src_filter = "*.eps"

# change dest_ext to the format of the destination files
$dest_ext = "png"
$options = "-depth 8 -alpha off"
$logfile = "C:\temp\convert.log"
$fp = New-Item -ItemType file $logfile -force
foreach ($srcitem in $(Get-ChildItem $srcfolder -include $src_filter -recurse))
    $srcname = $srcitem.fullname

    # Construct the filename and filepath for the output
    $partial = $srcitem.FullName.Substring( $srcfolder.Length )
    $destname = $destfolder + $partial
    $destname= [System.IO.Path]::ChangeExtension( $destname , $dest_ext )
    $destpath = [System.IO.Path]::GetDirectoryName( $destname )

    # Create the destination path if it does not exist
    if (-not (test-path $destpath))
        New-Item $destpath -type directory | Out-Null

    # Perform the conversion by calling an external tool
    $cmdline =  $im_convert_exe + " `"" + $srcname  + "`"" + $options + " `"" + $destname + "`" " 
    #echo $cmdline
    invoke-expression -command $cmdline

    # Get information about the output file    
    $destitem = Get-item $destname

    # Show and record information comparing the input and output files
    $info = [string]::Format( "{0} `t {1} `t {2} `t {3} `t {4} `t {5}", $count, 
	$partial, $srcname, $destname, $srcitem.Length ,  $destitem.Length)
    echo $info
    Add-Content $fp $info


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