Haiku ImageMagick GUI - One click optimising

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Haiku ImageMagick GUI - One click optimising

Post by lelldorin »

Hello all,

a want to add a one click optimising function into my IM GUI.

I have collect some functions who should optimise an image:

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convert -strip -interlace Plane -auto-orient -normalize -compress None  input-file output-file
Make this process sense? Can this one used for all image types or should i separate them info the image types?

Greetings Lelldorin
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Re: Haiku ImageMagick GUI - One click optimising

Post by snibgo »

IM commands should be written as: read the image, process it, write the image. So your processing should occur after the input image.

"-normalize" clips the pixels, at both ends. I would never do this for standard image processing.
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