Syntax problem

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Syntax problem

Post by pchun »

I am playing a bit with different examples from IM documentation and keep encountering a problem with all examples where this style of syntax is present (example directly copied from documentation)

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convert zelda_text.jpg   \( zelda_text_mask.gif -background white -alpha shape \) -flatten zelda_mask_overlay.jpg
Such commands always fail with unable to open image "\("
Where am I wrong?
My IM is 7.0.3 Q16
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Re: Syntax problem

Post by holden »

IM generally doesn't like extra spaces, try something like this:
convert zelda_text.jpg \(zelda_text_mask.gif -background white -alpha shape \) -flatten zelda_mask_overlay.jpg

could be the backslashes too, not sure though since I don't use them like this
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Re: Syntax problem

Post by Bonzo »

Are you using windows or Linux?

You do not need to escape the ( ) on windows and it will fail if you do.

Also replace convert with magick in version 7
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