Text to image with Chinese characters

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Text to image with Chinese characters

Post by djd »

The following script appears to work OK with normal text

# Convert text in a text file to an image
# text2image.ksh Name.txt
# Produces: Nametext.png

N=$(basename $1 .txt)
imgconvert -size 1000x1000 xc:white -font "SimSun" -pointsize 56 \
-fill black -annotate +15+80 "@$N.txt" \

However with Chinese font, such as SimSun in the script as above, a `?' mark is inserted
in front of the first line.
eg if a text file contains the Chinese character for `I' 我 (Pinyin wo3) and is saved
as utf8, then the image produced has a question mark`?' in front of the 我 character.
Subsequent lines in the file are OK.

Various Chinese fonts were tried and the result was the same.
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Re: Text to image with Chinese characters

Post by snibgo »

I guess your text file has been saved in UTF-8 with a Byte Order Mark (BOM) at the start. The cure is to strip the BOM before passing to IM.
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