Best Way to Place Image in PDF

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Best Way to Place Image in PDF

Post by scolby33 »

I have an image of my signature (a transparent PNG at 144dpi) that I would like to place in a blank PDF page to be used with PDFtk's stamp functionality. This is the command line I have developed so far:

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magick -density 300 -size 2550x3300 xc:transparent \( signature_transparent.png -resize 90% \) -geometry +150+2604 -composite largesig.pdf
There are several things I don't like about this:
  • do I need the "sub image" in the parentheses?
  • I had to specify -density 300--without it, the signature was very pixelated
  • because of the specified -density, I could not use -page letter--I got pages too small by a factor of 72/300=0.24, so I had to manually calculate the -size geometry
Is this the best way to obtain the intended result?
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