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iMagic + gostscript in PHP 7.2 (WAMP) problem

Posted: 2019-02-12T10:37:51-07:00
by Quark Zimmerman
Hi ,
It looks like there is a problem when attempting to use imagick PDF from Php 7.2 .

I just moved to PHP 7.2 on WAMP and wanted to use imagick to read image files and PDFs same way I did on 7.1 .

So I installed (copied to ext folder) newest PHP extension from : ... ick/3.4.3/ ( )
( basically again followed the instructions: )

Then installed (unpacked) imagick run times from: ( ) to separate folder , set path to it , set IMAGICK_HOME variable , restarted ...

The extensions loads, the I magick - works on regular files (.BMP , .JPG, ...) but it refuses to open .PDF with "NoDecodeDelegateForThisImageFormat `PDF' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/509" exception.

Ghost script for Windows is installed and worked OK with PHP 7.1 using proper extension , but instead of distributive in the link above I used "normal" 7.0.7. installation.
Here I tried to use "distributive" because PHP 7.2 compiled with VC15 and extension as well, so I needed imagick compiled with VC15, otherwise it will not work.
So first thing I checked in standard installation is delegate.xml files and other .xml are missing from the distributive I used for PHP , so I copied them over.
Did not helped.

So as for now - no way to run Ghostscript from PHP/imagick , probably I missing something.
Need help :)

Re: iMagic + gostscript in PHP 7.2 (WAMP) problem

Posted: 2019-02-12T15:21:18-07:00
by fmw42
See ... 3#52863413. Also you may need to add the full path to Ghostscript in your delegates.xml file for all the PS encodes.