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trouble cropping

Posted: 2019-09-16T11:09:05-07:00
by greenblood

i have a raspberry pi, and im trying to crop an image thus.

i want a box 465pixels wide, 111high, with a top left pixel location of 175x780.

convert imageleft.jpg -crop 780x175+111+465 +repage chlorine.jpg

Does that command look right?

the image size is 2592x1944



Re: trouble cropping

Posted: 2019-09-16T11:19:26-07:00
by fmw42
You have your coordinates wrong. Crop is WxH+X+Y. So if you want a width=465 and height=111 at 175,780 top left corner, then use

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convert imageleft.jpg -crop 465x111+175+780 +repage chlorine.jpg

Re: trouble cropping

Posted: 2019-09-16T12:10:43-07:00
by greenblood
Greta, thanks mate!