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Posted: 2006-07-15T14:08:41-07:00
by dognose
Hmm, I'm looking to remove red eyes in my shots too with IM.

With the photography, I believe that if the flash is further from the lense it helps to remove it. They also have red eye reduction settings on cameras (it preflashes to make people pupils smller)

To remove red eye after the picture is taken, I'd image that you'd just remove the red channel out of a circular area around each eye.

I'm not good with the commands though in IM on how to do that though.

Posted: 2006-07-16T17:55:58-07:00
by anthony
If anyone has done this with IM, an example of the commands would be useful. I can then include these on to a new practical 'photo enhancements' page that I am collecting example info for.

You will of course be credited. Help us, make Im better for everyone!