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Posted: 2006-02-07T12:04:03-07:00
by magick
Replace your DrawableFillOpacity() statement with
  • Img.fillColor("transparent");
to draw a non-opaque circle.

Posted: 2006-02-08T17:41:59-07:00
by anthony
You can list the font names available with

convert -list type

Posted: 2006-03-01T22:16:52-07:00
by anthony
Im is attempting to fill with the transparent color, however the image you created does not have an alpha channel to handle a transparent color.

As "none" is actually fully-transparent black, the fill color comes out as black.

To fix add a -matte option before your -draw to ensure the image has a transparent channel. Or set the canvas with a color containing transparency
for example: xc:none or xc:#FF000000

I am not sure how you do this in an API.