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Mogrify: Converting tiff to grayscale

Posted: 2006-03-10T07:50:15-07:00
by netcreep
I can't understand why

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mogrify -verbose -colorspace gray -resize "2130x2400>" -density "300x300" -strip -compress "LZW" *.tif
doesn't leave me with a directory of only grayscale .tifs. The resizing works fine.

I've had this problem for a while now, meaning with all of the recent 8-bit windows-releases I tried it with, so it must be a mistake of mine.

Can anyone help me to mogrify my files to grayscale?


I found it out! (took me quite a while though...)

Posted: 2006-07-20T05:25:05-07:00
by netcreep

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mogrify -type Grayscale test.tif

Posted: 2006-07-20T18:06:57-07:00
by anthony
That should work. However I think the difference between -type and colorspace is currently very confusing. neither is a proper operator in IM.
They are hold over from the IM version 5 days and probably needs some bug fixing to properly define them.

I am currently hitting simular problems in IM examples where I had to force
images into greyscape using a slow -fx intensity, as using -colorspace stuffs up later operations.

As such I would say some bug fixing is needed in this area by someone who knows what is going on internally in IM.