Error with CMYK images and the compare utility

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Error with CMYK images and the compare utility

Post by sven »

Hi magick,

in the latest version of ImageMagick (6.2.6) I found an error concerning CMYK images and the compare utility. This worked great some versions before (e.g. in version 6.2.1).

When comparing RGB images everything is fine. The different pixels are displayed in 90% "red".

When comparing CMYK images the differences are displayed in a gray tone.

I hope that this can be fixed, because I'd really like to use the latest version of ImageMagick.

Keep up your great work!

Best regards
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Post by magick »

We have a patch in 6.2.6-4 Beta to correctly scale the RGB to CMYK color conversion. 6.2.6-4 is scheudled for release within a few days.
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