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resizing animations (different sized frames)

Posted: 2006-07-02T12:10:12-07:00
by dognose

I've been tottally messing up animations that have different frame sizes.

When I resize, I'm using:
mogrify -resize 100x100\! image.gif

However, some frames are only partial, and I really want it just to scale the whole image, not to resize each frame. Is there an easy way to do this with out having to calculate and resize each frame individually? is there a way to normalize the frames so that they are all the same size (ie. padding them out or something) so that this and other operations would work?

(I'm also messing up animations when some of the frames have offsets, because I'll tear apart the animation, and I can't reconstruct it properly)

Posted: 2006-07-02T18:43:50-07:00
by glennrp

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mogrify -coalesce -resize 100x100 -deconstruct file.gif
You might need to use convert instead of mogrify

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convert in.gif -coalesce -resize 100x100 -deconstruct out.gif