Simple Text Label Examples Fails

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Still looking for an example that works under Mac OS X for drawing text with ImageMagick.
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Re: Simple Text Label Examples Fails

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Hello new to ImageMagick and I'm having a problem displaying this font.
  • Font: Nanum-Brush-Script-Regular
  • family: Nanum Brush Script
  • style: Normal
  • stretch: Normal
  • weight: 400
  • glyphs: /Library/Fonts/NanumScript.ttc
This is what I'm using

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date "+%d" | /usr/local/bin/convert -rotate 90 -background none -fill black -font Nanum Brush Script Regular -channel RGBA -blur 0x6 -pointsize 144 -density 200 label:@- -trim ~/Documents/Nerdz/date.png
Sorry, I figured out that I needed to use it like this -font Nanum-Pen-Script-Regular
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