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Posted: 2006-07-20T08:25:21-07:00
by magick
The line height is determined by the font metric. You could of course add a blank line otherwise you would need to render one line at a time and manually specify the offset of the text within the image.

Posted: 2006-07-20T17:57:06-07:00
by anthony
Note that the hight of the font is different to the line spacing the font uses.
The line spacing is supossed to be determined solely by the pointsize of the font. That is actually what pointsize means! The hight of the font itself
is a graphical determination. That is whay you can get some fonts that look very small at a 'normal' pointsize.

For details of finding the various font metrics from the command line
see ... #font_info

A more direct method is available from the program API's.
Does anyone have a small program to do this?