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Font problems

Posted: 2007-07-30T14:56:59-07:00
by troyd1
When I do a simple:
convert -font "arial" -pointsize 24 label:"this is some text" new.jpg
it works.

If I change the font to Helvetica-BoldOblique, I get the error:
convert: unable to read font `n019024l.pfb'
convert: missing an image filename new.jpg

When I do convert -list type, Helvetica-BoldOblique is one that is listed. I am running windows 2003 server, but the font does not show up as one of the available fonts. This happens for many fonts. It appears that if I stick to the fonts available in windows, I am ok. It appears that if I use any of the fonts under ghostscript.xml, they do not work.

What is wrong? Does the list need to be rebuilt? If so, how. I just installed the latest version of im a few days ago.

Also, I installed freetype and reinstalled IM, but there was no change. Do I need ghost script also? Is there good doc on this?

Re: Font problems

Posted: 2007-08-09T22:49:39-07:00
by anthony
The problem is the fonts defined as being available in these files for 'ghostscript' is not where IM thinks they are.

I suggest you download the use the script on the top level page of IM Examples