[TUTORIAL REQUEST] Getting started with iPhone

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[TUTORIAL REQUEST] Getting started with iPhone

Post by lonewolfaka9 »

Im looking for someone to help me learn

how to code using c api on iphone
i've installed the libraries but unable to understand there basic structer

like i want to add blur effect
i know there is an function to do so but how to call it how to set all paramenter correct and how to set it on an UIImageView image

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Re: [TUTORIAL REQUEST] Getting started with iPhone

Post by cloud »

Please look at http://www.cloudgoessocial.net/2010/05/ ... agemagick/ and in particular you can download the example project that does exactly what you are asking, applying a filter to a image in a UIImageView.


IM compilation script and test project: https://github.com/marforic/imagemagick_lib_iphone (always up-to-date)
IM latest iOS binaries: ftp://ftp.imagemagick.org/pub/ImageMagick/iOS/
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