reduce colour

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reduce colour

Post by kelvin »


we are using imagemagic in our java application. we have a scenario that we need to convert the images into 16 bits.
We converted the images into 16 bits by using mogrify command -depth 16. But it is converting to 48 bits infact.
that means 16 bit Red, 16 bit Green,16 bit blue. what we need is total 16 bits. like 5-6-5. Any idea how to reduce the colour
of converted image?

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Re: reduce colour

Post by fmw42 »

IM -depth means bits/channel not bits/image

If you are on Q16 IM, then you will get 16-bits/color channel nominally. To get 8-bits/channel use -depth 8. To get 8-bits per image, use -colors 256 +dither -type palette.

I don't know of any format that supports 16-bits per image. But I am not an expert on that or if IM can produce that. It may be possible with PNG special output controls. see

or with tiff, see
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