[SOLVED] Building IM for Windows

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[SOLVED] Building IM for Windows

Post by degot »

I've downloaded IM src and successfully build convert.exe for Windows.
The is only one problem, it is single threaded.
I've check source code and found ,that for OpenMP support , _OPENMP should be defined.
Question is : Should I define _OPENMP or MAGICKCORE_WINDOWS_SUPPORT or both or anything else to enable multi threading ?

To enable multi-threading, you need to :
1. Enable OpenMP support for CORE_magick , CORE_wand
2. Add _OPENMP to C++ -> Preprocessor -> Preporcessor Definitions
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Re: [SOLVED] Building IM for Windows

Post by dlemstra »

You should use the setting: C/C++ -> Language -> Open MP Support
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