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Proposal: Quantize Bulk Reduce Acceleration

Posted: 2013-10-24T23:42:31-07:00
by yoya
Hi, all.

I would like to propose QBRA (Quantize Bulk Reduce Acceleration) configuration to enable rapid color reduction.

The explanation of idea is here.

With only a small code addition and without changing the fundamental algorithm we can get a performance boost.
However image quality deteriorates slightly, disabled by default is good.

Source code patch is here. (base on 6.8.7-0)
- QBRA substance patch
-- ... dcd7620bb5
- QBRA configure patch (--enable-qbra, disabled by default)
-- ... 2dcc66f30b


Re: Proposal: Quantize Bulk Reduce Acceleration

Posted: 2013-10-25T05:49:19-07:00
by magick
Color reduction acceleration is an often requested enhancement. We'll add your patch to ImageMagick within a day or two. Thanks.