Does ImageMagick Vulnerability occur in Portable Windows version?

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Does ImageMagick Vulnerability occur in Portable Windows version?

Post by vlam0120 »

I'm using a Portable Windows Version (only one convert.exe file), it seems to be this version has not been affected by Vulnerabilities

When I tried to convert exploit file as described, I got an error delegate.xml was not found. Even it showed loading built-in delegate file but at the end, it still showed "UnableToOpenConfigureFile "

Loading delegate configuration file "built-in" ...
convert.exe: UnableToOpenConfigureFile `delegates.xml' @ warning/configure.c/Get

And no listing directory occurred (I changed command line from "ls" to "dir"). I'm feeling that portable version (or Windows version) has a bug with reading configuration files and fortunately it has not been affected by Vulnerabilities.

Am I correct?
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