Point Placement on Mapbox map is incorrect

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Point Placement on Mapbox map is incorrect

Post by mkendall »

I am try to get an exact placement on a mapbox map, but it is a little off- has anyone done similar and know what could be the problem?

//calculate position om Map
int pixx = 0;
int pixy = 0;
TileSystem.LatLongToPixelXY(ptLat, ptLng, zoom, out pixx, out pixy);

//Adjustment value center of map
s = cy - (sizey / 2);
w = cx - (sizex / 2);

//Where to place image
int locy = pixy - s;
int locx = pixx - w;

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Re: Point Placement on Mapbox map is incorrect

Post by fmw42 »

What does this have to do with ImageMagick? Please put this in context with Imagemagick.

Please also provide your full command line and your version of ImageMagick and platform.