Magick StaticMT linking from a DLL ?

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Magick StaticMT linking from a DLL ?

Post by scarletdiva »

Hi Guys !! :wink:

I compiled the last magick6.2.7 to get static multitrheaded libraries.
I then tried the magick++ api in a simple console(.exe) application
and that was all good. wonderful package.

but then I tried to do the same from within a .dll and it doesn't work.
I mean I'm compiling a shader for a renderer as a dll. from there
I use the magick to get some output images not supported by the
renderer itself like psd.

first I have some weird warnings like..
warningC4251:'std::_List_nod<Ty, Alloc>::_Alnod':class"std::allocator
<_Ty>'needs to have dll-interface to be used by clients of class
'std::_List_nod<Ty, Alloc>

then I have linkage errors as the libraries are not really seen by
the compiler. but I have the same options for the project as in
the console projetct, execpt that this one will output a dll.

I'm on windowsXP and visualC++ 7.1 with magick6.2.7.
Anyone can help me ? :oops:

thanks in advance.


Post by scarletdiva »

ok I found the problem...

under C/C++->codegeneration->runtimelibrary
do not set to MD (multithreadedDLL).

works now !! ;)


ps:: but what if I wanna an MD dll ?? :shock:
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