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JMagick and parameters

Posted: 2007-03-06T04:30:33-07:00
by m_dieu

I have a problem with the JMagick Interface.
Because of the fact that there is no category concerning this topic I try my luck here.

Before I used JMagick I edited the pictures with following statements in a nightly process:

$scale{"k"} = "-geometry '68x68>' -density 72x72 -sharpen 0.7x40";
$scale{"m"} = "-geometry '137x137>' -density 72x72 -sharpen 1x40";
$scale{"g"} = "-geometry '284x284>' -density 72x72 -sharpen 1x40";
$scale{"d"} = "-geometry '500x500>' -density 72x72 -sharpen 1x16";

Now I edit the pictures at runtime. Therefore I'm looking for a way to use "density" and "sharpen" in JMagick but i can't find it.
Does anybody have an idea?

Re: JMagick and parameters

Posted: 2007-03-07T03:33:14-07:00
by m_dieu
Ok, i got it.
I found the method sharpenImage in MagickImage and setDensity in ImageInfo.