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MagickCore cache views and tiling

Posted: 2007-06-05T02:04:12-07:00
by aidynskas

I'm working on real-time image editor based on ImageMagick and came up with a little problem - handling of large images.

As I understand the purpose MagickCore cache views is to handle a number of large images instead of one large image that is accessed frequently. As far as I know the most common approach to this problem is tiling. I wonder if anyone has successfully implemented tiling in MagickCore?

Would it be a good idea to implement tiling under the existing cache view system? It seems perfect for that to me.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Re: MagickCore cache views and tiling

Posted: 2007-06-05T04:44:59-07:00
by magick
ImageMagick performs tiling but only after the image is transferred to the pixel cache. For large images, creating the pixel cache can be time consuming. Looks like you read the ImageMagick architecture document but just in case-- see