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Create 2D image from 3D-Model

Posted: 2018-04-24T11:43:09-07:00
by AndRi
Hello Forum,

I wonder how I can get a high resolution picture of a 3D model (mesh in .obj, .ply or .stl file format)?

I know it sounds weird, because normally it's the other way round creating a 3D model from 2D images. But in this case a printed image from a 3D model is required.

I could do a screenshot but I'm afraid the resolution wouldn't be sufficient. The 2D image should be a TIF of 300dpi and a resolution of about 4700x9500 Px.

Can this be done by IM?


Re: Create 2D image from 3D-Model

Posted: 2018-04-24T12:38:32-07:00
by fmw42
I do not think Imagemagick can read 3D model files of any kind. I think you will need some 3D tool to read and render your model to a 2D image

Re: Create 2D image from 3D-Model

Posted: 2018-04-24T17:06:01-07:00
by snibgo
As Fred says, IM has no facilities to render 3D models. We can fake very simple models, eg cylinders and rectangles viewed from any angle, but it isn't a general-purpose 3D modeller.
AndiRi wrote:I could do a screenshot but ...
A screen shot of what? Of 3D software showing your 3D model, I suppose. That software will have a facility to render the view to a file, with whatever lighting you want and at whatever resolution you want.

Blender works fine. It can be diven from a GUI or from the command line. But you already are using some software.