Unhandled exception on read

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Unhandled exception on read

Post by peterakos »


I have downloaded image magick from: http://www.imagemagick.org/script/binary-releases.php
using the installation file for windows ImageMagick-6.8.0-8-Q16-windows-dll.exe

When i run the button example from Magick++ Demo solution, i get a unhandled exception while using button.read( backGround ) (line: 61).
I also get exactly the same unhandled exception when i use
Image image("my_image.jpg").

The same happens with this code:

Image image( "300x300", "white" );
try {
image.write("any_image.png"); //(unhandled exception here)
}catch( exception &error_ ) {
cout << "Caught exception: " << error_.what() << endl;
return 1;
It doesnt enter the catch block.

do i miss something ?

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