Weird behavior when modifying pixels using Magick++

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Weird behavior when modifying pixels using Magick++

Post by markovuksanovic »

Hi guys,

I'm just starting with ImageMagick so this question might sound a bit newbie like but I just can figure out what the problem is.

I tried geting a pixel_cache, iterating over pixels in there and modifying them to some color but the result I get is always some color with some pattern. The code I used was

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const std::string image_url = "wizard.jpg";
    Image image(image_url);
    // Ensure that there is only one reference to underlying image
    // If this is not done, then image pixels will not be modified.
    // Allocate pixel view
    Pixels view(image);
    size_t columns = 115; size_t rows =115;
    Color green("green");
    PixelPacket *pixels = view.get(10,10,10+columns,10+rows);
    for ( ssize_t row = 0; row < rows ; ++row )
        for ( ssize_t column = 0; column < columns ; ++column )
            *pixels++=(PixelPacket) green;

    // Save changes to image.
And the output I get can be seen here ( ... 1oX2s/edit). If you pay attention you will notice the sripes where the green square should be.

Any help would be appreciated...
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