How do I use gravity with DrawableText?

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How do I use gravity with DrawableText?

Post by octopus »

I am trying to place text at the bottom of an image I have called 'desktop'. The following code does not put it where I want. How can I fix it?

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  list<Magick::Drawable> drawList;
  drawList.push_back( Magick::DrawableGravity(Magick::SouthGravity) );
  drawList.push_back( Magick::DrawableFillColor("black") );
  drawList.push_back( Magick::DrawableStrokeColor("black") );
  drawList.push_back( Magick::DrawableFont(fontface) );
  drawList.push_back( Magick::DrawablePointSize(30) );
  drawList.push_back( Magick::DrawableText(0.5*pContext->width,pContext->height-50,text) );
  desktop.draw( drawList );
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