ProfileImage() doesn't apply ICC profile

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ProfileImage() doesn't apply ICC profile

Post by ig0rk0 »

Hello. I'm trying to apply ICC profile
MagickCore::InitializeMagick(NULL); path );

blobICC = m_image.iccColorProfile();
Magick::PixelPacket* pixel = m_image.getPixels(5, 5, 5, 5);

Magick::MagickBooleanType status = ProfileImage(m_image.image(), "ICC",, blobICC.length(), Magick::MagickFalse);
But image is not transformed (pixel not changed). I have looked into profiles.c and if condition which should do data transform is ignored(because ICC profile in image and ICC profile I'm sending to ProfileImage are the same?). But documentation says to transform I should have ICC profile in image. Should both profiles differ? How to apply ICC profile, already present in image?

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