Color Profile TIFF File to JPEG conversation

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Color Profile TIFF File to JPEG conversation

Post by Rob_Jurado »

Not a question, but more like FYI for whoever is pulling his/her hair on this "bug".

I wrote a tool in C#, using Magick.NET to create 5 different files from a master image (either PSD or TIFF files). These 5 different sizes with Color Profile (CMYK and RGB) combination. For 2 of them, I strip any layers and convert them into JPEG files using an RBG color (for Web pages). Anyhow, for PSD files, no problem, but for TIFF files to JPEG, I could not remove the default Color Profile by just using the Strip command.

So after few testing and information gathering, now it works, so the following was done:

* Create an instance of MagickImage using the TIFF file
* Add a CMYK Color profile to the file (AddProfile command)
* Add a RGB Color profile to the file.
* manipulate, for me it was resize and density
* Strip the file
* Add again the RGB Color Profile
* Save the file as JPEG

Done. Now if you open the file in PhotoShop, it will display it as RGB and not as CMYK like it was doing before.
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Re: Color Profile TIFF File to JPEG conversation

Post by dlemstra »

Are your source tiff files CMYK? Calling Strip will not change the ColorSpace, it will just remove the profile. And you probably don't need to add the RGB color profile at the end.
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