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How to Add JPEG EXIF TAGS (url,keywords..)

Posted: 2019-07-14T11:03:00-07:00
by laleh
I'm using Magick.NET-Q16-AnyCPU for mvc core2 .

I am trying to add exif tags to jpeg images, copyright and author and url and keyword but not working except copyright

My Code :

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  using (MagickImage image = new MagickImage(media.Name))
                   var profile = new ExifProfile();
                    profile.SetValue(ExifTag.Copyright, Title);
                    profile.SetValue(ExifTag.Artist, "laleh");
                    profile.SetValue(ExifTag.XPKeywords, Encoding.UTF32.GetBytes("one two three"));
                    profile.SetValue(ExifTag.XPAuthor, Encoding.UTF32.GetBytes("one"));
		   image.Write( media.Name);

thank you

Re: How to Add JPEG EXIF TAGS (url,keywords..)

Posted: 2019-07-14T11:09:37-07:00
by fmw42
Imagemagick does not currently allow for adding or modifying EXIF data. Use Exiftool.