Bugs in the WMF coders

Post any defects you find in the released or beta versions of the ImageMagick software here. Include the ImageMagick version, OS, and any command-line required to reproduce the problem. Got a patch for a bug? Post it here.
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Bugs in the WMF coders

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There is a bug in the WMF parser. Look at line 2749 in function

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static Image *ReadWMFImage(const ImageInfo * image_info, ExceptionInfo * exception)

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  /* Cleanup allocated data */

  /* Check for and report any rendering error */
  if (image->exception.severity != UndefinedException)
    (void) ThrowMagickException(exception,GetMagickModule(),CoderWarning,
the ddata has been released just above in the wmf_api_destroy(API) call.
So when an exception should occurs ddata is invalid and the application crash.

I am using ImageMagick 6.3.6. I check the latest wmf.c source and the bug is still here.

Moreover the following WMF files are not correctly handled:


The first file generates an exception and crash imagemagick.
The second file is incorrectly displayed. In a previous version of ImageMagick it was correctly handled.

Thanks for your help,
Manuel Jouglet
Manuel Jouglet
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Re: Bugs in the WMF coders

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Thanks for the bug report. We have a patch in ImageMagick 6.3.7-10 Beta for the problem you reported available sometime tomorrow.
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