Changes in delegate file

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Changes in delegate file

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It would appear the -g option was removed from the delegates file sometime between 6.3.6-10 and 6.3.7-10 for ps:* and pcl:*. This is causing problems when trying to read in a pcl format. I noticed the ps delegate entries had the same change. Running with the delegates file as installed produces the following:
  • bb010:image/test>./display_pl sample_files/sampoutput/bench_pcl.pcl
    Unable to open 101.6x101.6 for reading.
    display: PCL delegate failed `sample_files/sampoutput/bench_pcl.pcl'.
Adding back the "-g%s" "" as it was in 6.3.6 allows display to read the format properly. Is there a reason for this? Was this for ps:* only decodes?

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Re: Changes in delegate file

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We have a patch in ImageMagick 6.3.8-0 Beta for the problem you reported. 6.3.8-0, with the patch, will be available sometime tomorrow.
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