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import -window usage

Posted: 2008-08-20T11:32:35-07:00
by cletcher
How do I determine the identity of a window that I would like to capture an image of with the 'import -window' command?


Re: import -window usage

Posted: 2008-08-20T11:38:56-07:00
by magick
Use xwininfo to extract the window id which you can then pass to the import program.

Re: import -window usage

Posted: 2008-08-20T21:36:19-07:00
by anthony
Basically you need to use xwininfo, or some other method, to determine the X window ID. For example, XTerms also include a WINDOWID environment variable.

For the whole screen you can just specify 'root'.

Re: import -window usage

Posted: 2008-08-21T07:05:22-07:00
by cletcher
Thanks alot! Works as expected.